A pottery studio in St Civran, France

Welcome to this blog about the quiet rural life in the Berry Province of France where I have tried to open a pottery studio to hobby potters.
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13 January 2007


I started this blog to tell the story of St Civran Pottery from its beginning in 2002 till now in 2006-7. As it is taking much longer than I expected, I am jumping to the present, i.e. January 2007, to make an announcement.

I have decided to let my pottery studio with furnished house attached for this coming summer, as of 1st July.

An ad for it can be seen on the FrenchEntree website.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Pass the word! °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°


Zen said...

I forgot over there "let" means rent. WHenI first read this I thought Let it what?? Now I get it after some thought!
Are you taking the summer off going for a holiday?

f r a n k i e said...

Ha!ha! it reminds me of a scene I witnessed on the U of Michigan campus once. A young American boy was talking to an Oxford graduate:
- the kid with broad accent: "where are you from?"
- the graduate with Oxford accent: "From England"
- the kid: "Do they speak English over there?"
- ........

Frankie said...

interesting to know what? are you interested to rent??? your blog is about insurance, health insurance, etc. It states: "Disability can happen to anybody at any hour"... sure, but if you live with that in mind, you never get out of bed! Death is round the corner too! I'm 64 and I plan for the next 100 years still... and you???