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15 November 2007

37. Functional pottery

The urge in making a pot, as far as I am concerned, is to produce a vessel I am going to use. The shape is ruled by the function, i.e. by the way I am going to use that pot. If it is a beaker, it has to have a spout that does not drip and a handle easy to grab. And, as far as I am concerned, 'functional is beautiful'.

Here's my home made functional jug...

Comments welcome!

The Berry Province in the central rural area of France has always been producing plain functional clay pots. The area is also known for its flat thick tiles called 'tommettes' used on the floors in most farms. Roofs are also covered with small clay tiles.

And while I'm at it, here's a short clip of Berry folk dances...


smilnsigh said...

But when you make things like this, functional is also _totally_ beautiful.

And I 'hear you,' {your comment elsewhere, which I read} about all the "hoop-la" about Christmas Holidays. -sigh- I don't want to be pushed to do this or that or the other thing. I want to have my Holiday, the way it feels good to me.

If sending cards, buying lots of gifts, going to lots of parties, etc., makes some people happy... well good for them. But I don't want to do those things, just because anyone tells me, I "should" want to do them.

Long live individuality!!! :-)


Frankie said...

Many thanks for your comment, MN...

Pam McFadyen said...

I often struggle with the idea that I should try creating some nonfunctional pieces but they always turn into something functional in the end. Thanks for the reminder that functional is beautiful too!

Frankie said...

Actually I really feel functional is beautiful... primarily. The first functional thing mankind made was a flint stone to fit in the hand... and I believe the stone age art graffiti with hunting scenes etc was functional, i.e. made to provoke a good hunt. Art for art's sake is very modern.

smilnsigh said...

You commented in one of my blogs; "I think wanting to 'fix' people is a very noble thing. I wouldn't try to stop that if I were you!"

Nope, my view is... that I don't want to fix anyone, but myself. To me, it's a useless venture {trying to 'fix' anyone else}. Because no one wants to "be fixed," the way anyone else wants to do it.

We differ in our opinions, which is fine! Both of us, have pondered on this. Great!

Thank you for adding yours.