A pottery studio in St Civran, France

Welcome to this blog about the quiet rural life in the Berry Province of France where I have tried to open a pottery studio to hobby potters.
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16 April 2011


My plan was to open my pottery workshop to the public on 1st May. That will not be possible. I have to postpone opening till 1st June.

Three reasons:

1) I have been looking for a caretaker for the house next to the workshop to help me welcome hobby potters and their friends when they arrive. So far no one has shown any serious interest in the 'position'. It is not a paid job. The arrangement is that the house is let free of rent, all charges like electricity, water and telephone being at the expense of the caretaker.

2) Accomodation in the old mansion with creaky stairs is not ready. My customers will have to find their own accomodation independently. That has been the ongoing problem for me right from the beginning. I can't offer a holiday pack for that reason. It turns a lot of people off when they realize they have to look for their own accomodation.

3) Not the least! I haven't officially registered as a business as yet. From previous experience I dread it. At the tax income office the other day I was advised to register as 'help to the person' which is in France the category for people working with old age persons. I tried to explain that my aim was to attract tourists in the area and look after them and entertain them. I'm not a pottery 'artisan' either. When I looked on the net for the 'self-enterprise' category, I couldn't find anything dealing with the tourist industry, 'tourism' being for hotels, B&B and campsites, and 'industry' in French being for the manufacturing industry alone.

My BerryHobby summer camp in St Civran will open in June perhaps!

St Civran pottery house in March 2009

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