A pottery studio in St Civran, France

Welcome to this blog about the quiet rural life in the Berry Province of France where I have tried to open a pottery studio to hobby potters.
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07 December 2006

21. Hadrien

At the end of the summer 2002 I realized that the trickle of customers coming to the workshop would soon dry up. As local interest in hobby pottery was none existant it looked like I would have to close down until the following summer.

I couldn't resign myself to that. I asked the young fellow who used to help me with my garden if he was interested to learn how to throw a pot. He shrugged his shoulders and said 'why not'. The idea was to have an apprentice to be able to start a production. I enquired with the employment agency who had a special contract to offer. I was to train him for 6 months at no cost provided I would employ him at the end of his training. It suited him as he would keep getting social security allowances all the while.

His progress was amazing. After a couple of months he seemed to have been a potter all his life.

Here's Hadrien in October 2002 as he started at the potters wheel.

He would concentrate and absorb what I was teaching him like a sponge.

And here's the same guy two months later throwing a vinegar jar like a professional

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