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02 April 2013

65. A kiln building workshop in Dordogne

This post is to give a bit of publicity to a holiday workshop taking place in Dordogne, France, at the end of June this year 2013.

I got the information this morning from a friend potter www.lesmainsdanslaterre.com living in Dordogne and running a website with all sorts of announcements to do with the pottery scene in France.
Here's the info:

An American couple from Arizona www.caneloproject.com are giving a workshop in building a kiln with clay and lime and things... it does sound interesting but it remains to be seen!

They will be hosted in Dordogne by Sara Daniels www.terre-et-toi.com who runs a "gîte", French equivalent to a B&B. The address is at 24700 St Géraud de Corps in France, i.e. 30 minutes from Bergerac and 1h from Bordeaux. The workshop will be from 30 June to 5 July and will cost €750.

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I'd love to attend and take part.

If any potter here in Ireland is interested to join me to go, please contact me, I have spare free seats in my car!

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